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Hybrid Distribution / Logistic / Marketing

San Diego

From San Diego California, snakebyte usa oversees the North and South American market

Global product marketing launch plans as well as sales and marketing for the Americas are handled here. Also, platform and property licensing are planned and supervised. Experts are realizing individual projects and lay the foundation for long-lasting and prosperous partnerships.


I. Hybrid Distribution

snakebyte usa has established strong business with all major American retailers and etailers.

snakebyte’s distribution arm offers a wide range of  gaming products such as audio, controllers, mice, keyboards and even officially licensed merchandise.

II. Logistic

With our existing and always expanding infrastructure, snakebyte USA plans, implements, and maintains efficient receipt, storage and transportation of goods across the Americas

III. Marketing

We have decades of experience marketing consumer electronics and software across multiple product categories.  This combined with our experience marketing to all demographics, ensures our messaging is current, effective and perfectly targeted.


QEUS is a powerful SmartTV set-top box which combines SmartTV, Gaming and Smart Home functionality in one user-friendly open system.

QEUS is designed with the user in mind and delivers features that will satisfy both people just entering the SmartTV/Smart Home segment as well as advanced users.

With QEUS, you can stream content from your favorite service, control your smart home appliances and play home console quality games or classic arcade shooters.

The Evo550 quadcopter is a compact and innovative ready-to-fly (RTF) system for both novice and experienced pilots.

The Evo550 features the latest technology with built-in GPS and compass, providing intelligent flight support systems including distance limiting and return home function.

Capture high definition video with the optional CamOne Gravity Air flight gimbal and CamOne infinity actioncam to easily create stunning shots from the air.

The Freedom 5 headset has a number of exciting and unique features that will excite the gaming enthusiast.

The focus is on outstanding audio performance, a high level of comfort and fit for the ear cups and a key feature that many accessories companies ignore – premium mic quality. Considerung the importance of online chat in multiplayer games, prif™ feel it is time to focus on the humble microphone and deliver the next level in chat performance.