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Hybrid Distribution / Logistic / Marketing


From Dortmund snakebyte distribution oversees the European market

Research and development of new peripherals as well as the sales and marketing for Europe specific retailers are handled here. In addition, global OEM and ODM projects are planned and supervised. Experts are realizing individual projects and lay the foundation for long-lasting and prosperous partnerships.


I. Hybrid Distribution

snakebyte distribution has established strong business with all major European retailers and etailers.

snakebyte’s distribution arm offers a wide range of gaming products such as audio, controllers, mice, keyboards and even officially licensed merchandise.

II. Logistic

With our existing and always expanding infrastructure, snakebyte distribution plans, implements, and maintains efficient receipt, storage and transportation of goods across Europe.

III. Marketing

We have decades of experience marketing consumer electronics and software across multiple product categories. This combined with our experience marketing to all demographics, ensures our messaging is current, effective and perfectly targeted.


QEUS is a powerful SmartTV set-top box which combines SmartTV, Gaming and Smart Home functionality in one user-friendly open system.

QEUS is designed with the user in mind and delivers features that will satisfy both people just entering the SmartTV/Smart Home segment as well as advanced users.

With QEUS, you can stream content from your favorite service, control your smart home appliances and play home console quality games or classic arcade shooters.

PS4 Games Storage Tower and Twin Charger

Showcase your games and movie collection, whilst simultaneously charging two PlayStation 4 Dualshock controllers at the same time!

This offically licensed PS4 Games tower + charger is ideal for all PS4 owners. With a unique charging adaptor method, you will no longer have to fiddle around with the micro usb connectors.

zoopa Q650 Razor Movie

The zoopa Q650 Razor Movie is an easy to control quadrocopter for in- and outdoor use. Front and tail lights ease the orientation during flight. It is already equipped with the FlyCamOne nano camera to start amazing video and photo recording from the air.

The integrated 6-axis Gyro 2.0 technology guarantees perfect flying on every skill level. While precise components provide a stable adjustment of the model, the powerful motors react quickly to every command and ensure pure thrill during the flight.