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hardware/software development

OEM/own brands/distribution

About us

Established in 1997, with offices in Germany, Shenzhen, the US and Hong Kong, we develop and distribute a wide selection of branded consumer electronics. For almost 20 years, our brands have been associated with high quality and value for money.

snakebyte is not a hardware or software company.  snakebyte is an ECOSYSTEM company.  Our unique positioning and expertise in creating hardware, as well as software, enables us to utilize the complete value creation chain , starting from the sales of hardware platforms to complementing accessories and digital distribution of compatible content.  snakebyte is a hybrid between a traditional manufacturer and a distributor.

We develop our own lineup of products but also provide services and distribution opportunities for other brands and licenses.

Our management team consists of visionary entrepreneurs and high-profile managers, each with up to 25 years of experience in the digital entertainment industry.


The only ecosystem (hardware as a service) OEM/ODM provider world wide.

snakebyte has cumulative experience in design, development, manufacturing and market launch of new products and brands.
A team of designers, engineers and product managers is available on demand, to proactively develop OEM/ODM products or even entire labels and ECOSYSTEMS.
snakebyte’s contribution doesn’t end with the development of the items, but can reach “door-to-door” delivery, marketing and even distribution under usage of long-term performance partners.


With our three own brands we cover all bases.

Gaming enthusiasts around the globe know and appreciate snakebyte as a brand that delivers innovative, high-quality products at a fair price. That goes both for PC and video game players.

Take a look at the snakebyte brand website.

Our new brand, QEUS, will revolutionize the market for Smart TV set-top boxes. Putting the user at the heart of the experience, QEUS will enable all the power and possibilities available and define the ‘smart media console’ category unlike anyone else.

Our upcoming snakebyte GameStore will first be introduced on, the innovative QEUS Smart TV set-top box. Tailor-made for QEUS’ gaming experience, it will offer consumers a perfect selection of games and software, working seamlessly with QEUS’ gaming hardware and accessories. Our GameStore will avoid users getting lost in overcrowded app stores, and provide a fully curated range of content for an optimised consumer experience.